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5 Top Best Free SEO Tools of Google 2015 – Free

Best Free SEO Tools of Search Engine Optimization are essential for every website. If you are working as an SEO professional for your own website or for your client website, you have to SEO expert with deep knowledge of Best Free SEO Tools. There is a list of best free SEO tools over the internet. SEO tools play a vital role in search engine optimization of any website. You need to understand SEO strategy with SEO tools to get well ranking in search engine result pages. I have asked many time the best free SEO Tools list. That’s why I am going to express Best Free Google Tools for visitors.

Which are the best free SEO tools of Google 2015?


I have 4 year experience in working SEO training. I found the best free SEO Tools of 2015. There is a list of Free SEO tools and Free Google SEO Tools. There are 4 best free Google SEO tools.

  1. Google Keyword Planner Tool ( To get Keyword ideas & traffic forecast )
  2. Google Webmaster Tool ( For Data & configuration control )
  3. Google Analytics Tool ( Tracking Visitors )
  4. Google Trends ( For keyword research as geographical )
  5. Google PageSpeed Tools ( PageSpeed Insights )

These 5 best Free SEO Tools are very common and useful Google free SEO tools for webmasters. Learn Google Free SEO Tools training by experts on  Let us give to you a brief introduction about Google free SEO tools step by step guide for beginners.

1. Google Keyword Planner Tool:


Google keyword planner tool is totally free of cost and all webmaster use this free SEO tool to get keyword ideas and traffic forecast. This is best free SEO tool for beginners and experts as well. I recommend everyone that uses Google free SEO tools because these are easy to use and give accurate data of keyword research of Google.

2. Google Webmaster Tools (GWT):


Google webmaster tool is one of my favorite SEO tool. Every webmaster use these best free SEO tools. It gives all data of our website. We submit website sitemap to Google search engine through this tool. It shows us server error, sitemap warnings, HTTP 404 errors of site. We can check search query of website in this great SEO tool. We can know through this SEO tool Search Appearance, Search Traffic, Google Index, Crawl errors of site. Again it’s very nice tool.

3. Google Analytics Tool:


This is one other great tool of free Google SEO tool. This tool mostly used for visitor’s tracking. How much visitor’s are coming on your site on which page? What is the Bounce Rate? In short, it tells us everything about our website condition of visitor’s. From which countries visitors are coming. Active user on website is the best option in this SEO tool. Don’t forget to use this free best SEO tools.

4. Google Trends:


This is also best free SEO tool to finding and getting best keyword ideas as geographically.

5. Google PageSpeed Tools:



You can check your website PageSpeed tool by using Google best free SEO tools. You will get your website insights to make more analyze & optimize.

SEO Quake Toolbar:


If you want to work as a professional SEO, kindly add this SEO Quake toolbar on your Google Chrome or Firefox browser. This is great extension or Add-ons for knowing website overall data like, Page Rank (PR), Alexa Ranking, Number of Google, yahoo and Bing index pages, Age of Domain, Social Shares, traffic  and much more of website.

All above mentioned Tools are best free SEO Tools and you can use these tools by watching our tutorials of Best Free SEO Tools of Google.

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