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What are DoFollow NoFollow Backlinks for beginners:

Free quality SEO Backlinks are most impartant part of SEO strategy. Backlinking with other sites is a good SEO tactic to rank well in search engines. I just say every time to my visitors that getting free backlinks is not difficult but the thing is that you have to get some high quality backlinks from well ranking websites. If you are creating number of backlinks from various websites but you don’t know which is the best and high backlink or not? The newbie’s are also confused about DoFollow NoFollow Backlinks. That’s why I am going to create this post where you can learn about dofollow nofollow backlinks strategy. So let’s get into detail of this factor of Search Engine Optimization.

What are DoFollow NoFollow Backlinks?


1) DoFollow links

By default all links are dofollow links in SEO terminology. First of all Google bots/spiders/crawlers when crawl your website they find external links point to other various websites. After that if links are DoFollow I mean if there is no any nofollow attribute (rel=”nofollow”) in coding of that link then Google bots follow all links and link juice gets passed. For example;

<a href=””  rel=”dofollow”> SEO Experts </a>

<a href=””  rel=”external”> SEO Experts </a>

Note: In the above code there is rel=”dofollow” and rel=”external”, its mean this link is dofollow link or if there is no any attribute from these codes that link also will be treated as “DoFollow” link. Then these link gets transferred the value of link juice in the term of SEO.

SEO Tip: Don’t buy backlinks from any site. Just start creating quality backlinks manually from various well rank websites or start commenting on dofollow blog sites, dofollow forums and more…

2) NoFollow Links:

NoFollow links are those links which Google bots do not follow and do not pass link juice value to other linking pages. For example;

<a href=””  rel=”nofollow”> SEO Experts </a>

In this above coding there is one nofollow attribute like rel=”nofollow”, its mean that Google bots will not follow this link and will not pass link juice. But nofollow links are just for Google crawlers not for readers. Readers can still get benefits from these nofollow links by clicking on that link. For example if you commented on blogs or forum or give answer of questions, might your comments attract readers and they want to know more about you. And you can get traffic from these nofollow links as well.

Use of DoFollow NoFollow Backlinks:

We can use DoFollow links at these places:

Relevant content,

Content that is useful for visitors,

Internal links.

We can use NoFollow links at these Places:

Affiliate links,

Irrelevant content,


Sponsored links,


Footer links.

How to check DoFollow NoFollow Backlinks?

You can check links are DoFollow or NoFollow in coding by right click of that page (For Chrome & Firefox Browser) and choose “View Page Source” option or (Ctrl+U) short key from keyboard. In the search box type “Anchor Text” of link by pressing (Ctrl+F) and you can see if links are dofollow or nofollow.

Some Information about Links:

There is some name of links but newbie’s are confused to understand these links meaning. Let me explain these links.


Backlinks: Basically these links are called dofollow links and search engine robots give respect these kinds of links.

Inbound Links: Inbound Links are those links which come from other site to your sites.

Outbound Links: Outbound links are those links which go to other sites from your site.

External Links: External Links are same like outbound links which go to other sites from your site.

Internal Links: Internal links are those links where you connect your pages with each other within the site.

I hope this information is helpful for you. Kindly keep in mind while creating backlinks for your website or client website. Give me feedback of this post and keep touch with me for more SEO tips & tricks.

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