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Google Webmaster Tools Video Tutorials in Urdu

Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) is used to check the complete data of your website. This is one of the great Google Search Console of SEO by Google. Almost every Webmaster use this tool to check website overall data related to SEO. You can see your website SEO related data into GWT. According to this Webmaster Tools, you will be able to find your search appearance into Google Search Engine, search traffic of website, Google page indexing, robots crawling errors.  If you want to become SEO Experts in the SEO field then you should learn GWT as soon as possible. That’s why today, I am here with you and going to explain about Google Search Console.

Is Google Webmaster Tools imported for SEO?

Yes, of course without Google Webmaster Tools you are not able to manage your website lonely. It is the most important Google Tool for SEO. Every SEOs learner should learn this webmaster tools quickly. And I have this great opportunity for you. Now, you can learn this most important Google Webmaster Tools Video Tutorials in Urdu.

Things Are Required for GWT?

If you want to learn this Webmaster Tools, you should focus on these things.

  1. You need Google Mail Account (gmail) if you don’t have, make it first.
  2. You need a good domain name for website.
  3. Verify your website through different methods.

After verification your website will be added into Google Webmaster Tools, you will be able to control your GWT account easily.

There are some inside functions of Google Webmaster Dashboard.

Section inside Google Webmaster Tools:
Basically there are some sections inside of GWT. Let me explain briefly.

  1. Search Appearance (in Search Engines)
  2. Search Traffic (from Search Engine of Google)
  3. Google Index (Status)
  4. Crawl (Google Crawling Status)
  5. Security Issues

These above topics have some sub-topics in it. I will try my best to describe all of these topics and sub-topics of it with detail in Video Tutorial.

How to Add Website to Google Webmaster Tools?

There are different methods to add website to Google Webmaster Tools. You should type in gooole “Google Webmaster Tools” and search it. It will show to you sign-in and then sign in with gmail account if you have, otherwise make it first.

After sign-in with Gmail Account, You have to see to the right side, there is a button in red color written “Add A PROPERTY”. Add you website URL there. After this you will see different methods to verify your website to control your website search data.

  1. Download HTML file from one of that recommended methods and upload it into your root directory of your website. (This is Google Recommended Method) 


  1. HTML Tag (Add a meta tag to your site’s home page)
  2. Domain Name Provider (Sign in to your domain provider)
  3. Google Analytics (Use your google analytics account)
  4. Google Tag Manager (Use your google tag manager account)


Let me describe more “How to add website to Google Webmaster Tools” in Urdu Video Tutorial.

After watching this Video Tutorial, I hope you are able to verify your website to Google Webmaster Tools. Try this method your self to verify your site into google master tools. Thanks for watching this tutorial.

Give us your feedback in the comments section. We will try to make more better Video Tutorials for you in the future. Thanks 🙂

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