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How to start a free blog

I am very glad to hear this that you are starting your own blog but unfortunately, you don’t know how to start a free blog for your business or your knowledge which you want to share with the world. The question which comes in my mind that why people want to start a Best Free Blog Sites. There is lot of reason to start a free blog which I will share with you.

  1. Blogging is the quick way to communicate and spread your own knowledge or experience and news to the world.
  2. Starting a blog is the great way to express your work with the other people.
  3. You will be able that how to write a blog. In other way you can become a good writer.
  4. The people start a blogging to Make Money Online at home.

Now it’s your turn what do you think to do. It’s a great time to you; learn How to start a free blog on various online platforms. A complete beginner’s guide I will tell to you to start a free blogging. Let’s start to tell you the step by step guide to become a quick learner on this platform.

A quick guide about how to start a free blog:

Think first on which topic you want to start a blog. I suggest to you choose the topic which is related to your field or minimum you have some knowledge about that topic. After that there are 4 ways to start a blog.


  1. Choose the most popular blog sites platform to start a blogging. Like,, and etc..
  2. Once you have chosen this select whether you want to self-host and a paid domain or get a free blog to start blogging online.
  3. Buy your custom domain and self-hosting from a popular PR (Page Rank) hosting company. PR should be started from 6/10.
  4. Designing your blog. It should be user friendly and Google friendly as well.

Let me explain bit more about the above options to understand more features about these tips for How to start a free blog.

1- The best platform should be selected to host your blog: 

There is lot of free platforms where you can host your blog free of cost. is the biggest platform over the internet. Otherwise you can choose other platforms as well like is also famous on the internet. is one of them. You can see blog sites list.

2- Free hosting blog platforms: 

There are two types of hosting;

 1-Free hosting

2-Paid hosting by hosting company

In the free hosting services we have limited access of blog and that we can get from,, etc…. and here is our blog web address (your URL) is like, which is not your own property. It’s a way to start a free blog.

3-Self Hosting and a custom domain name (Start a blog on your own domain):

In the paid hosting company you need to buy a domain name and the host it to some popular hosting company which PR (Page Rank) should be at least 6 out of 10. And your web address will be

4-How to start a free blog in designing:

Your blog design should be user friendly and how you can do this. Download free theme or paid theme which looks good for you website. Blog should be easy to customize and easy to navigate.

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