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Search Engine Optimization Expert

SEO stands for (Search Engine Optimization).  It is the legal way on the internet from which way you can get huge traffic for your blog site through the organic (Natural or un-paid) ways. Search Engine Optimization experts tell us the organic way to get traffic from reliable ways on the internet. I am wondering to describe about search engine optimization for the website. I really get lot of traffic once I done SEO of my website. In short way we can say that there are two type of search engine optimization which we have to do for our website to get high rank in the search results.

There are two major kind of website optimization.

1-On-page SEO

2-Off-page SEO 



On-Page Search Engine Optimization:

If we talk about On-page SEO Techniques, so it’s mean you have to do every work within your website. For example, For On-page SEO we need to write good content and user friendly.  The content should not be copy write of the other author. First we talk about what we have to do in On-page search engine optimization. There are some basic factors which we should to do in every article to get high rank in Google Search Results.

1-Optimizing Articles

2-Keyword Density

3-Keyword Prominence

4-Keyword Proximity

5-Better Permalinks

6-Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions


8-Architecture of Website

9-Color of Website

10-Website should be user friendly

Off-Page Search Engine Optimization:

There are number of factors in Off-Page Search Engine Optimization which make your website more popular on the internet by using latest SEO Tips, Best SEO Research Tools.

I am telling to you some way, how to get good and quality back links by applying below mentioned things.

  1. DoFollow Article Submission Directories
  2. DoFollow Blog Commenting Sites to get Backlinks
  3. Use Forums to get Backlinks
  4. Promote your site by video sharing site
  5. Promote your site by adding image alt (Attribute)
  6. Strong & Active Social Profiles

Advance Tips and Tricks to create backlinks:

  1. Create Blogger Templates for Backlinks and submit it into various blogger templates submitted sites.
  2. Create WordPress Themes for Backlinks and submit it into different themes submitted sites.
  3. Create Plugins for Backlinks and upload it into wordpress site.

I advice all of you that do not make any illegal ways to creating backlinks because Google Algorithms become stronger and penalized lot of website to down rank. Make sure every time do legal work with your content and website. 

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