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What are Backlinks in SEO Strategy of 2015?

What are Backlinks in SEO? Before describing the definition of backlinks SEO, I want to tell you that the most of the people start SEO for their blogs or website, but they don’t know the meaning of backlinks. Backlinks word is the well-known name in the search engine optimization. Basically this is a connection between the websites or blogs. Free Backlinks are very important to every website. Backlinks should be from related websites. If you want to achieve success in the online business and you have created a website, you must need to generate backlink for your site. You also need to know DoFollow and NoFollow Backlinks.

Let me expand this topic:

What are “Backlinks”? in the world of SEO for 2015:



That entire links which come from other sites to your site is called backlinks, and this process we call backlinking. All outbound/external links are called backlinks. In the past, number of backlink was main factor to get high rank in the search engine optimization, but now Google is very strict. Now a day, Google considers just quality backlink of your website.   

There are some basic knowledge of backlinks, you must read this and learn more about backlinking.

Link Juice:


Link Juice is a power which refers to other sites through external or internal sources. If your WebPages are connected to other websites through Inbound links, then these sites pass a rank for your WebPages or websites, if those sites are dofollow.  It’s called “Link Juice”.  These sites also pass a domain authority to your site. If you wish, don’t pass link juice power for other websites, you can stop by inserting NoFollow tag in your WebPages or site.

NoFollow Links:


Nofollow link is created for webmasters, who put this nofollow tag in their website or webpages to prevent giving link juice to other sites.  If you didn’t put any nofollow tag in your article or website then your site pass link juice as a ranking of webpage to other linking sites or pages as well.

DoFollow Links:

Every website has a dofollow tag by default. If you wish to include nofollow tag, so install wordpress nofollow plugin or put manually nofollow tag rel=”nofollow” into your post or page.

Low-Quality Links:

Low-Quality Backlinks are very poor for your website. These links can come from spam, porn, harm and automated sites. So, be careful if you buy a links for your website because these links can come from these sites, and can damage your ranking in Google search results.

Internal links:

The links which connect your web pages with each other within your domain, it’s called internal links and this process called internal linking.

What is Anchor Text:

Anchor text is a clickable link text in the hyperlink of the post or website. This is the great way to get rank for particular keywords of your site.

Linking Root Domains:

Linking Root Domains mean that numbers of links are coming from the unique domains to your website. If your site has a number of links from one website; it will be considered one link. So make sure to get links from unique websites.

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